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  1. Cleansui Alkaline Pitcher CP007E

    Cleansui Alkaline Pitcher CP007E

    The CP007E is an alkaline Super High-Grade Filtration Performance pitcher. Cleansui pitcher with Super High-Grade Filtration performance cartridge removes substances in tap water while keeping healthy minerals intact. Replacement Cartridge: EJC2 Alkaline purified water. Calendar dial shows cartridge replacement at a glance. Handle contoured for a comfortable grip. Big capacity at 2.3 litres when full. BPA free – No installation needed. Portable – Ideal for usage everywhere in the home, garden, poolside, office, overseas. Eco-friendly – No more bottled water. Space-saving – Fits into most fridge doors. Pitcher replacement cartridges are interchangeable: Upgrade to EJC2 cartridge if you prefer alkaline purified water or CPC5E for purified water
  2. CP015


    The unique and defining characteristic of this jug is its versatility. If you have a overcrowded fridge, the CP015E is the perfect solution. Designed to sit either horizontally OR vertically without spilling, this jug can slide onto the fridge shelf when even door space is an issue. The lid features an easy grip design, so even lifting out from a crowded shelf is easy to do. Perfect for filtered water for one- this jug holds 1 litre of filtered water or 1.5litres in total. Keep it in the fridge or even on your desk at work so you’ll always have clean filtered water on hand. The CP015E may be small in size but it’s just as big in features as our larger jugs. It comes with Cleansui’s Super High Grade Filter, which removes all those unwanted chemicals, toxins, and other contaminants, including bacteria. In fact, the proprietary hollow-fibre membrane filter effectively removes particles as minute as 0.1micron, leaving you with clean, tasty water which retains the healthy and beneficial minerals. The filter has a 200...
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